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Ayesha Durrani

Title: Half Truths, Year: 2016, Medium: Gouache and gold leaf on wasli, Size: Diptych 24.3 x 9.7 inches, Contact:

Ayesha Durrani is a leading modern miniaturist artist. Having graduated from the prestigious National College of Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree, Ayesha has held several international exhibitions including at Aicon Gallery in New York and Gallery 27 Cork Street, London, Dubai, New Delhi, Unicorn Gallery Karachi and Lahore etc. Ayesha Durrani draws out feminist topics through her work exploring themes of female bondage and arrange marriages in Pakistani culture. To purchase this artwork email us on or call 0092 300 8260580

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Ismail Gulgee

Artist: Gulgee Medium: Oil on canvas Contact:

Gulgee (born 1926 died 2007) was an award winning master artist famous for his abstract action and calligraphy paintings. Gulgee was a trained Engineer by Profession and a self-taught artist; he received acclaim for his realistic portraits and commissions most notably those of the Royal Family and Prince Aga Khan. Ismail Gulgee was the recipient of Pride of Performance, Sitara-e-Imtiaz (twice), Hilal-e-Imtiaz and other artist awards and prizes.  The artist’s work was widely exhibited internationally during his lifetime and Gulgee is a leading name in the Pakistani art world. His paintings are in the collection of major art collectors worldwide. Gulgee’s paintings have featuring in every major international auction including: Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams etc.

Call: 0092 300 8260580  Email: 

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Shahid Jalal

Artist: Shahid Jalal Medium: Oil on canvas Year: 2017 Contact:

SHAHID JALAL (Born 1948) is one of the outstanding members of the Association who has no art qualification from any institution and has therefore not been mentioned in their context. He has developed a style of his own which is executed with thick impasto brush strokes, the surface being further divided to form a subtle pattern in his patiently executed landscapes, in which the sunlight and shadows are the other striking elements of the larger design – Paintings at Alhamra ’50 years of Lahore Arts Council’ by Dr. Mussarat Hassan

There is nothing casual or even offhand in his work. Both the subject and the style are neat, orderly, planned, precise and refined, like the artist himself – Landscape painters, ‘Painters of Pakistan’ by S. Amjad Ali

Email: Call: 0092 300 8260580

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M F Husain

Artist: M F Husain Size: 20 by 26 inches Email:

M F Husain is India’s most celebrated and internationally renowned painter of all times. Maqbool Fida Husain (born 1915 died 2011) was known as the Picasso of India. A self-taught artist, Husain was a prolific painter known for his various series including: Gaja Gamini, British Raj, depiction of Hindus gods & goddesses, Mother Teresa, Indian Civilization, Islam, Horses etc. Besides being a hugely successful artist M F Husain was also a Film maker and Director; known for ‘Gaja Gamini’ with actress Madhuri Dixit as the lead and ‘Meenaxi: A tale of three cities’ with Tabu. In 1967 Husain received the National Film Award for Best Experimental Film for Through The Eyes of a Painter and a Gold Bear Award for the same movie at the Berlin Film Festival. M F Husain’s paintings have been auctioned for record-breaking amounts at Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams and Saffron.

To inquire about M F Husain’s art call Unicorn Gallery +92 300 8260580

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Mangroves by Soraya Sikander

'Mangroves' 30 by 42 inches, oil on canvas
‘Mangroves’ 30 by 42 inches, oil on canvas
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Horizon by Soraya Sikander

'Horizon' 36 by 48 inches, oil on canvas
‘Horizon’ 36 by 48 inches, oil on canvas



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‘INSCAPE’ exploring inner landscapes by Soraya Sikander

UNICORN GALLERY is delighted to present ‘INSCAPE’, an exhibition of new nature-based paintings on 28 FEBRUARY 2017 by contemporary land/seascape painter Soraya Sikander.



Download the exhibition Press Release: unicorn-gallery-soraya-sikander-press-release

Read the Artist’s statement on her work: unicorn-gallery-soraya-sikander-artist-statement


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Saira Wasim ‘Select Works 2016’ Unicorn Gallery





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Waseem Ahmed

Title: Krishna for Marilyn ll, Medium: Watercolour & ball point on wasli, Size: 13.2 x 20.7 inches, Contact:
Title: Krishna for Marilyn ll, Medium: Watercolour & ball point on wasli, Size: 13.2 x 20.7 inches, Contact:

Waseem Ahmed is a modern miniaturist based in Germany. Born in Hyderabad, Pakistan (1976) Waseem graduated from National College of Arts in 2000 with “Honors” in the field of Miniature Painting. He mixes Mughal tradition, fusing it with modern elements and through his work he comments on contemporary socio-political events. Waseem has participated in several solo and group shows all over the world. His work has also been auctioned in prestigious auction houses internationally.

To purchase this work please email: or call 0092 300 8260580

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Attiya Shaukat

Title: Lucky Hands, Year: 2016, Medium: Gold & gouache on wasli, Size: 5.7 x 13.2 inches, Contact:
Title: Lucky Hands, Year: 2016, Medium: Gold & gouache on wasli, Size: 5.7 x 13.2 inches, Contact:

Attiya Shaukat has a BFA in Fine Arts from National College of Arts as well as from the Lahore College of Women. Through her work she explores her personal narrative. Having suffered paralysis, the artist highlights images of spines, vertebrae and mechanical parts. Attiya uses the age-old tradition of miniature painting and incorporates it into modern context.

To purchase this work please email: or call 0092 300 8260580


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EXHIBITION: The Golden Collection, 25 March to 25 April 2014 at Unicorn Gallery

golden collection front


Unicorn Gallery is pleased to present on 25th March 2014 a group exhibition of paintings by Pakistan’s most distinguished artists. The Golden Collection 2014 features new art works by: Ustad Bashir Ahmed, Ghulam Mustafa, Ghulam Rasul, Mian Ijaz Ul Hassan, Jameel Ahmed jhuggiwala, Khalid Iqbal, Shahid Jalal, Zarah David, Zulfiqar Zulfi, Zulqarnain Haider. Opening time: 4 pm to 8 pm. Exhibition shall last till 25th April 2014.

The Golden Collection is Unicorn Gallery’s most prestigious annual exhibition.

The exhibition showcases landscapes, scenic art and nature based paintings by some of the most reputable names in Pakistani art.

We are pleased to present to the public for the first time the landscapes of miniaturist Professor Bashir Ahmed, Ghulam Mustafa’s depiction of landscapes in Punjab, the late master artist Ghulam Rasul’s popular sarsoon series, Mian Ijaz ul Hassan’s flat colour application and depiction of garden scenes, a rare Punjab rural landscape by the master Jameel Ahmed (jhuggiwala), unseen work of the legendary painter Khalid Iqbal – a pioneer of modern realism in Pakistani landscape painting, Shahid Jalal’s new garden series, Zarah David’s surreal landscapes, Zulfiqar Zulfi’s dramatic depiction of Punjab countryside, and Zulqarnain Haider’s fine depiction of the countryside surrounding Lahore.


25 March to 25 April 2014

11 AM – 8 PM

 golden collection back

golden collection press release


D116/1A, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan

T: 021 35831220, 35877625

F: 021 35832737



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EXHIBITION: GHULAM RASUL Retrospective | 27 December 2013 | Unicorn Gallery

ghulam rasul card Front

ghulam rasul card back

GHULAM RASUL (1942-2009) is widely considered the most influential landscape painter of Pakistan.

His works are in private and public collections including: National Museum, National Art Gallery Islamabad, Bradford Museum and Galleries, N.I.U Board of Regents Springfields, Asian Art L.V Museum.

The artist has participated in major traveling shows at Asia Museum, Pasadena, PNCA, Asia House, Artist Association of Punjab, Al-Hamra Art Center, Fukuoka Museum, Society of Contemporary Art and several others.

Trained with an M.A in printmaking and painting from Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, USA from 1970-72 and Punjab University, M.A Fine Arts in 1964, Rasul introduced flat colour application to landscape painting in Pakistan. The late master was best known for his monumental Mustard fields’ paintings and his varied use of several tones of green.

This landmark exhibition brings together the artist’s latter paintings. Ghulam Rasul created remarkable and innovative works that have redefined contemporary landscape practice.

Unicorn Gallery takes pride in hosting this retrospective in collaboration with the late artist’s family, the first of its kind to be held in Karachi with the last remaining works available on the occasion. – Seemah Niaz.

Opening reception Friday 27th December 2013 7 pm – 9 pm Unicorn Gallery

ghulam rasul unicorn gallery online

ghulam rasul press release