The rest is silence – Zahoor ul Akhlaq

by Unicorn Gallery

About the book: THE REST IS SILENCE charts the story of the elusive artist, Zahoor ul Akhlaq and provides a glimpse into his prolific career. Beginning with an interest in calligraphy, Akhlaq went on to search, explore and develop a vibrant cultural practice in contemporary Pakistan. The book begins to recount a life in flux, a life on the move, a life exploring the traditions of Islam, within a Muslim mind. The necessity and urgency of negotiating the invasions and seductions of modernity produces unusual reversals in Akhlaq´s art and within the contemporary narratives about Pakistani society and culture.
About the author: ROGER CONNAH is a writer, independent scholar and researcher based in Ruthin, North Wales. He has taught for three decades, held solo exhibitions and curates other exhibitions. Connah is an Associate Director of Graduate Studies, Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.