Rajab Ali Sayed

by Unicorn Gallery

RAJAB ALI SAYED is a young Filipino-Pakistani artist. The artist graduated with a distinction in Fine Art from the prestigious National College of Arts in Lahore in 2013 presenting an interdisciplinary thesis project in painting. video installation, and photography titled “Pretty Young Things”. Rajab has attended Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and travelled the American Mid-West as a Fulbright Scholar.

Currently Rajab is enrolled at the University of Houston's graduate painting MFA program under the tutorship of contemporary artists Aaron Parazette, Gael Stack and Rachel Hecker. His paintings have been exhibited at various international galleries including: Craighead Green Gallery, Lawndale Art Center, Katy Contemporary Art Museum, Blaffer Art Museum, Texas National, Unicorn Gallery etc
Title:       Wanderlust
Size:        2 by 1.5 feet
Medium:  Oil on canvas