Jean Claude Novaro

by Unicorn Gallery

Born in Antibes, France in 1943 Jean Claude Novaro is today recognized as one of the greatest glass blowers of our time. His unique and distinctive art-glass creations are highly prized and sought after by art connoisseurs world-wide.
Jean-Claude Novaro’s works are in museums, galleries and private collections. Novaro’s hard-earned skills and artistic genius, combined with an unwavering drive and determination have made Jean-Claude one of the premier glass artists
in the world. In his professional life, Novaro has achieved several records. He has also integrated layers of 24cts gold and photoluminescent pigment inside the glass. He has experienced uninterrupted success as a solo glass artist.
Novaro is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest hand blown coupe ever made and had over 125 individual and collective shows of his work throughout the world, including France, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Novaro invented new techniques, like his hand painting in between layers of glass. He is also a traditionalist in his insistence on working alone, letting every piece be a creation
of his own hands.
NOVARO collectors include: Bill Cosby, Jacques Chirac, Mike Tyson, Phillippe Monet, Prince Albert ll of Monaco, Prince Sheikh Tariq Al Qassimi, Robert De Niro, The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, Japan, Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, Corning Museum, New York, NY, Global Art Venue, Seattle, WA. He is represented by Unicorn Gallery. The famous national air-line of the United Arab Emirates Etihad Airways sponsored an exclusive world-class Art Exhibition featuring renowned French glass maker Jean Claude Novaro displaying an internationally acclaimed artist in Pakistan. 
Title: Flacon Cordon
Medium: Glass
Size: 35 height 6.4 weight in kilos