Ijaz Ul Hassan

by Unicorn Gallery

Mian Ijaz Ul Hassan had teachers like Moyene Najmi and Khalid Iqbal during his school days. He has a history of more than forty years of painting behind him. In his early years he seems to have been influenced by Gaugin, but he was experimenting all the time. He used his immense sense of design and colour to paint very effective pictures with a sharp political and social comment. But political changes in the country restricted open expression and he had to resort to symbols for expressing ideas. He is among the few painters whose early stylization of form gave way to realism. He has a passion for public art and one of his main ambitions is to paint huge pictures in public places which the common man can see regularly. One of the big murals to be made in recent times is the huge ceramic mural that he made for the Alhamra Arts Council in which he experimented with the tiles mosaic method that had been used as wall decoration since the Mughal times. He has over the years made many huge paintings which are breathtakingly beautiful and have been much appreciated.

Title: Evening guava

Medium: Oil on canvas