Akram Dost

by Unicorn Gallery

Akram Dost Baloch is among the founding faculty of the Fine Arts Department at University of Baluchistan (Pakistan). He grew up with an in-depth knowledge of history, arts and crafts of his region and much of that background is incorporated in his work. Akram has been working with wood for the sure pleasure of the process involved. His studio in Quetta (Pakistan) contains a variety of works in progress, paintings with decorative frames, screens containing painted panels and compositions of wood that reflect his different moods. His work is in reflection of his own personal aesthetic issues, assimilating nature with life and suggesting that all are endangered species.
In 2004, Akram Baloch received the President’s Pride of Performance, the highest art award in Pakistan. Akram Dost Baloch is now a recognized name in the art circles of Pakistan and abroad for his ethnic paintings and sculpture with international appeal. His artistic sensibilities are rooted in his childhood. As a sensitive child he was aware of the distinctions and distortions found among human beings around. He grew up with in-depth knowledge of the history and arts and crafts of the area. He also took interest in the archaeological finds of Balochistan. With local motifs and bright palette he has been commenting on the social issues of Balochistan on his canvases for the past many years. Dost is a witness to the despair and grief of a people plagued by the iniquities of an unjust and divided society since his infancy. He saw people who never had experienced basic human rights. He witnessed the injustice done to religion and rule of law so that the system was made comfortable for a few who claimed to be the Sardars. As a result, the majority suffered anger and despair. Gifted with a creative sensibility Akram Dost found an outlet for his anger and despair for the oppressive system through painting. His protesting and yet aesthetic paintings, carvings and relief express the 3D of his caliber. His protesting and defiant paintings and sculptures bear a strong tinge of his soil. He has beautified his relief works with miniature like local motifs. These motifs have been picked up from Balochi embroidery, panels of woodwork, and his personal sensibilities. He also incorporates nature’s blemishes in his artworks.
Akram Dost Baloch is Chairman of University of Baluchistan Quetta; recipient of Presidential Pride of Performance Award, he graduated from National College of Arts Lahore. He is a very well known painter and travels all over the world to participate in famous international show.
Title:       Untitled 4
Size:       9.5 by 11 inches
Medium: Oil on canvas