Soraya Sikander 'Cosmos' solo exhibition


Cosmos on display at Unicorn Gallery

Unicorn Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of leading contemporary landscape artist
Soraya Sikander
'Cosmos' features new nature based paintings by: 
ON Display 01 February 2024 by RSVP

Unicorn Gallery is pleased to present on 01st February 2024 an exhibition of critically acclaimed artist Soraya Sikander

‘Cosmos’ Exhibition timings: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


We are honoured to collaborate with: Avari Towers Karachi, Phenomena by Pomme, and Majoor Arts UAE, for Cosmos.

Soraya Sikander (born in Karachi) is one of the most sought after and best-selling artists in the region.

Her art redefines and reinterprets classic subject matter such as landscapes, still-lifes, challenging methods and historical traditions in art. 

Soraya Sikander is critically acclaimed for her landscapes and organic forms. The artist has been ranked as one of South Asia's best-known painters making it big internationally, listed as 'Artist to watch'. Soraya works in oil and acrylics on canvas and is internationally renowned for inventing her pioneering Calligraphy Landscapes. Recognition for her work has come through critical acclaim and nonstop sold-out exhibitions. Soraya Sikander trained in fine arts through the London Atelier of Representational Arts, University College London's Slade summer school and Beaconhouse National University Lahore.

Soraya Sikander's art has been showcased in a number of premiere museums including the National Art Museum of Moldova, National Gallery of China, Etihad Museum, Asian Art Museum, Art Circle Award Abu Dhabi, Patries Van Dorst Netherlands and featured prominently in art auctions including Bonhams. Soraya Sikander's work sells-out completely and is in private collections and museums. 

The artist lives in Dubai, UAE.


This is the artist's landmark solo exhibition, in her home country, after a gap of six years.

Paintings on display from 02nd February to 07th February 2024. RSVP +92 332 2228274 

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 SORAYA SIKANDER | COSMOS 2024  Exhibition
02 to 07 February 2024 11 am – 8 pm at Avari Towers x Unicorn Gallery
To view the exhibition paintings, e catalogue & press release please visit 

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