Sadequain 'ADAM AND EVE'


Oil on board painting, 24 by 36 inches (Year 1985)


Sadequain (1930 - 1987) is the most renowned Pakistani master artist of all times.

Born in Amroha, India in 1936 Sadequain was a self-proclaimed fakir and shunned material possessions and wealth. He was a deeply learned man and an observer of the Malamati order. Malamati are spiritual seekers who deliberately draw blame and contempt upon themselves by violating basic tenets of religious and social laws. At the heart of this behaviour lay the idea that a perfect self in a non-perfect world corresponds to an asymmetrical relationship with the Divine. This painting is loaded in metaphors.  


This particular composition depicts Sadequain’s mastery over line and form as we witness Eve intertwined with the serpent and her temptation, depicted in Hurufiyya early 20th century style calligraphy combining Islamic calligraphy within the precepts of modern art. This particular style of painting rejected Western art concepts, inventing a new visual language that reflected their own indigenous cultural heritage. 

Sadequain was a pioneer of modern art in Pakistan; His mastery of calligraphy resulted in unique and original drawings of figure extruded from calligraphic alphabets so the line transforms from text to pictorial. Sadequain’s ingenious way of suggesting figures and making of a composition with crescent shapes and triangles and diamonds led him to becoming a Laureate of the Biennale de Paris.

 Sadequain’s paintings and murals are in major museums and organizations and he is considered a leading pioneer in the modern Pakistani art movement. A number of publications are available on the life and art of Sadequain. The artist won several awards for his work including: Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in 1960 from Government of Pakistan, Biennale de Paris in 1961 from Government of France, President’s Medal of Honor in 1962 and Cultural Award from Government of Australia in 1975.

Sadequain’s paintings have been auctioned for record-breaking amounts at: Christie’, Sotheby’s, Bonhams and other leading international auction houses, making him the most expensive Pakistani Master Artist. Rarely is a Sadequain painting of this size or significance available.

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