Title: Maharashtra woman Medium: Watercolor and marker on arches paper Size: 28 by 40 Year: 2009 Contact: info@unicorngalleryblog.com

Leading contemporary artist and filmmaker Owais Husain (born 1967) son of Indian Master, M.F Husain, trained at Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai. Essentially a figurative painter, Owais finds drawing in his sketchbook with this pen or capturing the image in his camera or ‘video sketching’ equally exciting. Owais is a multi-talented artist and and a synergy across different art forms defines and resonated through all his work that includes besides painting, some important films. Some of these are joint creations of the famous Father-son duo such as: ‘Meenaxi: Tale of Three Cities’ Owais’s paintings have been auctioned at all major auction houses, inlcuding Christie’s and Sotheby’s.