Mohammad Ali Talpur





Mohammad Ali Talpur (born 1976) is a minimalist artist who has participated in a number of exhibitions including Art & Public gallery, Geneva, XVA gallery, Dubai, Finsbury Park, England, Shanghai Art Fair, Dubai Art Fair, and Hong Kong art fair and others. The artist graduated from National College of Arts in 1998 with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. M Ali Talpur was resident artist at the Khoj International Public Art Residency in Delhi in 2006. His line drawings or ‘lakereen’ are drawn in felt tip pen on paper or ink or pencil. His current work or series reflects ‘art without content’ going back to the craft of drawing. Mohammad Ali Talpur’s drawings have been auctioned at major auction houses internationally.



Title: Allah Medium: Oil on canvas Contact:


Gulgee (born 1926 died 2007) was an award winning master artist famous for his abstract action and calligraphy paintings. Gulgee was a trained Engineer by Profession and a self-taught artist; he received acclaim for his realistic portraits and commissions most notably those of the Royal Family and Prince Aga Khan. Ismail Gulgee was the receipient of Pride of Performance, Sitara-e-Imtiaz (twice), Hilal-e-Imtiaz and other artist awards and prizes.  The artist’s work was widely exhibited internationally during his lifetime and Gulgee is a leading name in the Pakistani art world. His paintings are in the collection of major art collectors worldwide. Gulgee’s paintings have featuring in every major international auction including: Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams etc.

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Laila Shahzada


Title: Pathan Doll Medium: Oil on canvas Contact:


Laila Shahzada was born in 1926 in the U.K. She was one of Pakistan’s most internationally renowned artists; One of the first women painters in Pakistan to gain international recognition with exhibitions around the world including Pakistan, London, Paris, Tokyo, Monte Carlo and New York. During her lifetime her work was shown at the prestigious Pasadena museum. She was awarded the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan in 1984 and the Pride of Performance in 1995. Laila was awarded the “Key to the City” of New York — the only Pakistani to receive this award.

Her paintings are in the collection of every major art collector and Pakistan’s most distinguished old families. Posthumously Pakistan Post honoured the artist along with ten other masters with collector’s item rare stamps of the artist and their work. Several publications feature information on the artist and a biography is available in the form of the Foundation for Museum of Modern Art and Oxford University Press joint venture publication ‘Laila Shahzada – Exploring an Inner Landscape’ by Salwat Ali. Laila Shahazada’s paintings have auctioned at major international auction houses including: Sotheby’s, Bonhams, Christie’s and Artnet. In December 2014 Unicorn Gallery held the largest independent Laila Shahzada retrospective.

Asif Ahmed

Asif Ahmed Gouache on wasli 9x12

Title: Untitled Medium: Gouache on paper Size: 9 by 12 Contact:

Asif Ahmed  graduated from National College of Art in 2004 with a  BFA 1st Division, Distinction in Miniature Painting. The artist has participated in several group and solo exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad. His modern miniatures explore traditional art, political intrigue, power and blending history with the modern.  Asif Ahmed’s miniatures have been auctioned internationally and featured in several publications.

Hamidur Rahman


Title: Untitled Medium: Oil on board Year: 1967 Contact:


Hamidur Rahman was born in 1928 in Decca. Between 1948-50 the artist studied at Government Institute of Art, Dacca. From 1950-51 he enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris and later studied at the Central School of Arts and Crafts London between the years 1952-56. In his lifetime Hamidur Rahman exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (1958), National Art Exhibition Lahore (1962) where he won first prize, President’s medal for Pride of Performance (1970), Solo exhibition in Commonwealth Institute London where he painted a 32 feet by 13 feet mural in the institute. His last exhibition was a solo show in Ottawa.

During his lifetime Hamidur Rahman enjoyed immense popularity. His work falls into two categories: Mural painting and Easel painting. Both were largely abstract but both contained some bare elements of natural forms, such as arms, legs, eyes, boats, huts and fish. There is Expressionist distortion and emotional vehemence and a preference for the grotesque in his work, when his paintings are figurative. Even his purely abstract work is emotionally charged with deep dark contrasting colours and vigorous thick line work. Hamidur Rahman died in Canada in 1988.

Sardar Mohammad

Old Master Sardar Mohammad

Title: Rustic belle Medium: Oil on canvas Year: 1966 Contact:


Sardar Mohammad was born in 1918 in Faisalabad (old Lyallpur). He painted from the early 40s and developed a style of his own. Sardar painted traditional village maidens carrying water or a bundle of hay. Culture as a subject was integral to his body of work. Sardar painted elongated necks, arms and legs. He simplified his forms and executed the work in part cubist manner. Sardar enjoyed decorating the female characters that adorned his canvases. He enjoyed immense popularity commercially and the charm of his works lay in his colourful, appealing works of simple everyday scenes. Sardar was known for his paintings of Women, Horses and Land owners or feudals. Rarely are his paintings if ever available for resale. His artworks are mainly in the collection of old collectors families. He was one of the most sought after artists of his time.

Ahmed Parvez

Ahmed Parvez


Ahmed Parvez is Pakistan’s foremost internationally renowned master artist. Born in 1926 Rawalpindi, the artist was part of the Lahore Group that studied with Shakir Ali. Ahmed Parvez exhibited across Pakistan and later prominently in the U.K. His debut London exhibition was reviewed by: The Times, Guardian, The Arts Review and Victor Musgrove. Later traveling to NYC. In 1978 Ahmed Parvez was awarded the President’s Medal for Pride of Performance. He was part of a group of modernist painters in Pakistan which included: Shakir Ali, Bashir Mirza, Anna Molka etc. Today Ahmed Parvez is one of Pakistan’s most sought after masters. Rarely is his work available in resale. The artist died in 1979 in Karachi, Pakistan.


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