Mansoor Rahi

rahi 35 by 23

Title: Queen portrait Medium: Oil on canvas Size: 35 by 23 inches Contact:

Mansoor Rahi is a senior painter born in 1939 in West Bengal. The artist graduated from Government College of Art and Craft in Dhaka and is known for his figurative Cubist paintings. Rahi held his first exhibition in 1957 and has exhibited extensively in Dhaka, Tokyo, Karachi, Peshawar, Rawalpindi etc. Mansoor Rahi has won several awards for his work including First Prize at Government College of Arts and CraftsDhaka (1961) PNCA (1969 and 1987) and Shakir Ali Award Biennale show PNCA.

Abrar Ahmed

abrar 24 by 24

Title: Untitled Medium: Oil on canvas Size: 24 by 24 inches Contact:

Abrar Ahmed is an established painter and a renowned name in the art world. His illustrative paintings and drawings have been exhibited widely across Pakistan and abroad at leading art galleries. Abrar enjoys immense popularity amongst collectors. The artist has over a period of time developed an individual style and a new visual vocabulary that is inspired by his native culture.



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Khalid Iqbal

khalid iqbal (2)

Title: Punjab landscape Medium: Oil on canvas Contact:

Khalid Iqbal was born in 1929 and has always been a believer in representational painting. Khalid Iqbal paints through a process of acute observation and an understanding and feeling for his subject matter. He painted in Lahore for more than forty years before his death. Khalid Iqbal’s influence on painting in Lahore has been profound, He is responsible for a whole school of landscape painters in Lahore who have slowly evolved their distinct styles. The artist is one of Pakistan’s most disctinct and celebrated masters. Khalid Iqbal never exhibited in his lifetime. Rarely is his work available.


tipu sultan

Title: Tipu Sultan portrait Medium: Oil on canvas Size: 17 by 22 inches *Signed in front Amal Yousaf Contact:

Yousaf was an early academic realist trained painter. Born in India in 1800s the artist trained under the East India Company portraits commission tradition, later exponents of this style of European realism painting include: Sawlaram Lakshman Haldankar (1882-1968), M V Dhurandhar (1867-1944), Raja Ravi Varma (1848-1906) and other prominent Indian realists trained by the British under the Raj. Composition (left) is a portrait of the Tiger of Mysore Ruler Tipu Sultan (1750-1799) while below two images are paintings of a Mughal Princess (left) and a Queen (right), representing a past glorious heritage pre-British rule.

Tassaduq Sohail


Title: Witching hour Medium: Oil on canvas Size: 24 by 35.5 inches Contact:

Tassaduq Sohail was born in Jullandar, India in 1930 and lived in London for a number of years where he studied art at St.Martin College of Art. His work is in miniature style; through his art Sohail explores the themes of identity, religion, culture and sexuality. The artist’s work has featured in a number of auctions and his work has been shown at museums in the U.K. His painting ‘Mullah looks at life’ (1983) is in the Victoria and Albert Museum Collection. Sohail’s paintings ridicule religious clergy. He enjoys immense popularity amongst art collectors.

Mohammad Ali Talpur



Mohammad Ali Talpur (born 1976) is a minimalist artist who has participated in a number of exhibitions including Art & Public gallery, Geneva, XVA gallery, Dubai, Finsbury Park, England, Shanghai Art Fair, Dubai Art Fair, and Hong Kong art fair and others. The artist graduated from National College of Arts in 1998 with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. M Ali Talpur was resident artist at the Khoj International Public Art Residency in Delhi in 2006. His line drawings or ‘lakereen’ are drawn in felt tip pen on paper or ink or pencil. His current work or series reflects ‘art without content’ going back to the craft of drawing. Mohammad Ali Talpur’s drawings have been auctioned at major auction houses internationally.


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